What is Kyma Project?

Anyone can dance!

Kyma Project is an inclusive dance platform based in Athens.

Art should be accessible to everyone!
Connecting, opening up new worlds, changing stereotypes.

Our Vision
We envision a world where everybody has equal access to art and education and equal opportunities regardless of disability, race, age, or any other distinction.


Our Mission
Our mission is to promote inclusion and accessibility through dance and performing arts. 

We want to give voice to disabled dancers, promote inclusive dance as a discipline and give opportunities to anyone who wants to dance and  hasn’t been able to so far.


Respect, Empathy, Determination, Diversity


Our Story
ΚΥΜΑ Project  started as an informal social group in 2017 in the framework of the fellowship and capacity building program START- Create Cultural Change. Thanks to the hard work of our team, in 2018, KYMA Project received the START Scaling Award granted by the J.S. Latsis Foundation. In 2019 KYMA Project became a non-profit company under the name “Motivo”. Since 2017,  our team has designed and implemented 11 dance activities with 210 direct beneficiaries in collaboration with 18 national and international partners.


Our activities include classes, workshops performances and a dance festival that offer equal access to all spectators and participants regardless of disability, age, race or any other distinction.

We create and support performances with mixed abled groups of artists.

We organize contemporary dance and improvisation workshops facilitated by disabled and non-disabled dancers and performers accessible for everyone.

KYMA Festival
We organize a festival dedicated to inclusive dance in an accessible space, with accessible content.

KYMA Community
Be a member of our community. How?

-Get to know us, learn about our actions and spread inclusive practices.

-Volunteer at our next event.

-Help us map accessible spaces.

-Participate in our open meetings and share your ideas for our next activity.

-Are you an artist? Do you want your projects to be accessible to people with disabilities? Contact us and we will help you find the services you need.

-Are you a disabled person? Are you interested in dance or theater?
Contact us and we will bring you in touch with teachers, facilitators and creators.

Subscribe to our newsletter and stay informed about all the participation opportunities in KYMA community.

KYMA Festival 2019 Credits: Kostas Chatzoglou Copyright: Kyma Project