On May 9th, at the theater of the Athens School of Fine Arts, we started with the educational part of the festival. Natasha thrilled us with the body percussion and body music seminar, Moving Around Music, and awakened the musicality of our body.

credits: Alexandros Georgiou


A few hours later, Marianna introduced us to the principles of yoga and specifically Accessible Yoga in a lesson beneficial for all!

credits: Alexandros Georgiou


Athena took the baton in a physical performance seminar that activated both the body and our imagination!

credits: Alexandros Georgiou

On May 10th, the seminar cycle concluded with a “Feldenkrais ” lesson and Marilena helped us improve our physical awareness.

credits: Alexandros Georgiou

Later on the same day, the final preparations for the performances are done and the theater fills up!
23 dancers with and without disabilities and 3 musicians conquer the scene and lure us in. The warm voice of the narrator of the acoustic description accompanying the performances completes the spectacle in harmony.

credits: Kostas Chatzoglou / Mazive – Katerina Gevetzi for Very Special Arts Hellas
credits: Kostas Chatzoglou / Entropia – Stella Spyrou for Liminal


credits: Kostas Chatzoglou / The jounrey – Demy Papathanasiou
credits: Kostas Chatzoglou

KYMA FESTIVAL 2019 is completed and the audience applauds, and this applause gives us strength and justifies our persistence.  The persistence to host a fully accessible dance festival so that everyone can enjoy it!

Thank you!
The KYMA Project Team

Check out the video here!

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