Our Partners

Liminal is a cultural organization aiming to promote more accessible and inclusive arts.

Our mission is to provide the opportunity for everyone to engage with contemporary Greek theatre art, regardless of social, physical, cultural, or linguistic differences.

We create theatrical experiences for all by using accessibility services in existing and new productions as well as organizing theatrical workshops and educational events.

Our ambition is to transform the creative scene of Greece into a more democratic, inclusive and sustainable creative space.

As a team, consisting of artists and scientific partners, we act and create guided by the importance of human values and we fight for the right to freedom of expression and equal access to culture.

Liminal started in 2016 with small-scale, targeted events. We are aiming to find our place in the contemporary Greek society and we are constantly evolving by adding people of different specializations in our team.

Cultopia is a platform for cultural projects that designs, implements and supports activities that integrate culture and the arts into diverse audiences and communities.

Cultopia designs and implements projects – cultopic scenarios, based on: active citizenship with a focus on the youth, sustainable development, non-formal education and participation and offers customized cultural management services to cultural organizations and initiatives.

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Kassie Kafetsi

Kassie apprehends art as a powerful tool of development both individual and collective that needs to be accessible to everybody. With cultural education as her principle focus, she is researching and promoting activities, which incorporate art into social groups, aiming at creative expression and forming and promoting collective culture. She is a graduate of the Marketing department of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, with postgraduate studies in Cultural Management of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in Spain. In Athens she has worked in the Market Research department of AC Nielsen company, while in Madrid was working at the Teatros de Canal theatre, organizing and managing the Centro Danza Canal and at the artistic festival Poetas. Se has co-organized the event "Activism in the Digital Age" at the campus of Google in Madrid and the Re_puppet project at the cultural center of Erfurt STZ am Herrenberg in Germany. Since 2016, she is fellow of START-Create Cultural Change, and project manager of Svoura Project in Aegina. Since 2017, she is the co-founder of the cultural platform Cultopía based in Athens.

Rania Mavriki

Rania investigates how the arts are organically integrated to the everyday life of urban and rural communities, for social cohesion and collective development. She has obtained a Bsc in Business Administration, from Athens University of Economics and Business, a MA in Cultural Management from Panteion University of Political and Social Science and a certificate for attending the classes of MA International Management, in Kedge Business School, Bordeaux, France. In Athens, she manages and coordinates sociocultural projects, in collaboration with private and public institutions. She has completed an internship at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, co-curated the exhibition “Urban Details” and coordinated the community project “Syn.desmoi”, with the support of NEON Foundation, supported the Peloponnisos International Documentary Festival and coordinated Svoura Project, as a fellow of the START-Create Cultural Change programme. Since 2017, she is the co-founder of the cultural platform Cultopia.

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